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We focus on finding great companies and making them even greater.

We leverage 25 years of experience working with rapidly growing innovators who disrupt existing markets and established market leaders who outperform competitors in both top and bottom line performance.

Experience has taught us great companies share three characteristics:

1) High ROI for their customers

2) Long term customer relationships

3) Leadership in a new or established market

Having studied thousands of companies and worked closely with dozens of others, we’ve distilled our learning into a program of operational best practices. Together, we pick those that are right for each business. With most companies, this translates into an increased investment in sales, greater customer engagement, and additional hiring, training, and support of employees. 

What we strive for is greater growth, higher productivity, and increased margins.
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We believe it possible to achieve both exceptional growth and strong profit.

Increase Sales Growth by 50%

Even with market leading companies, we generally find untapped opportunities to expand the sales force, target new prospects, upsell and cross-sell existing clients, and adjust pricing strategies. As a result, our companies increase sales growth by 50%.

Scoring 49 vs. the Rule of 40

THE RULE OF 40 (the combination of revenue growth and EBITDA margin) is a common measure of performance for SaaS companies (less than half of public SaaS companies reached 40% in 2016). By comparison, our portfolio scored 49 in 2016.  



Noble Rock invests the capital of the founder and a select group of like-minded, outside investors in companies whose enterprise value ranges between $100 million and $1 billion. We are comfortable holding minority and majority stakes. Our average investment hold is four years, though we have the capacity to structure evergreen investments.


vertical applications, infrastructure, and B2B marketplaces

information/analytics services, and data centers


 tech-enabled services, testing, inspection, and certification





The following represents the companies we’ve been fortunate to work with over the years. We’ve learned a great deal from these business leaders and deeply admire the vision, drive, and character they demonstrated in propelling their companies forward.

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