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Private Equity for Market Leaders


We invest in great companies and help make them even greater
We partner with you for faster growth, greater productivity, and higher profitability

Having studied thousands of companies and worked closely with many, experience has taught us deep value comes from three sources:

  • High customer ROI

  • Long term and healthy customer relationships

  • Leadership in a new or established market

We have distilled our learning into a program of operational best practices. Together, we work to pick those that are right for your business to drive:

  • Increased investment in sales

  • Greater customer engagement

  • Additional hiring, training, and employee support

Who We Are

Noble Rock Advisors invests in market leading technology companies, with a focus on businesses in software and tech-enabled services. We leverage 25 years of experience working with rapidly growing innovators who disrupt existing markets and established market leaders who outperform competitors in both top and bottom line performance.

Where We Invest






Delivering deep expertise in core sectors
Since 1990, Noble Rock Principals have been helping to scale market leaders in our core sectors. As your partner, we believe our deep domain experience and operational approach allow us to provide informed guidance and market intelligence, identify and execute strategic acquisitions, and share proprietary best practices to drive profitable growth.
Flexible capital to meet your needs
Noble Rock invests the capital of the founder and a select group of like-minded, outside investors in companies whose enterprise value ranges between $100 million and $3 billion. We are comfortable holding minority and majority stakes. Our average investment hold is four years, though we have the capacity to structure evergreen investments.


Experience has taught us where the greatest return on spend comes from.
As a result, our portfolio companies achieve both exceptional growth and strong profitability.

Sales Growth Increased by 50%

Even with market leading companies, we generally find untapped opportunities to expand the sales force, target new prospects, upsell, cross-sell and improve pricing strategies.


As a result, our companies increase sales growth by over 50% within the first year of investment.


Scored 49 vs. the Rule of 40

Balancing growth and profit is different for every company. We like the Rule of 40 as it goes beyond growth to incorporate operating margins.


Our companies are able to drive both growth and profit through greater organizational efficiency and individual productivity. While fewer than half of SaaS companies reached the Rule of 40, our portfolio scored 49.



We have been fortunate to work with many great companies over the years. We have learned a great deal from these business leaders and deeply admire the vision, drive, and character they demonstrated in propelling their companies forward.

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